For your convenience,  common  questions are answered right here.

Q: How does Chroniton compare with other schedulers?

A: Firstly, Chroniton was built with strong typing in mind. When your job runs, you get to decide what parameter gets passed in. Secondly, it was built with IOC (inversion of control) in mind. That means it will work with your Dependency Injection container of choice. Thirdly, it is completely customizable. Because it uses interfaces extensively, you get to ultimately decide how Jobs and Schedules are implemented. Finally, the use of interfaces makes all of your code is 100% unit testable through mocking. There are no static method calls.

Q: What dependencies does Chroniton have?

A: None! Well, ok 1…  .NET

Q: Can I create a customized schedule?

A: Absolutely. You only need to create an ISchedule object. If none of the built in schedules don’t meet your needs, build your own.

Q: I need to get access to the singularity for Dependency Injection. How can I get a reference to the singleton instance?

A: If your IOC container doesn’t make getting a reference to a static property on a class easy,  you can always inject an ISingularityFactory into your object.

Q: Will Chroniton serialize my job?

A: At this time, no. Serialization features are on the way, but when they do arrive, you can be assured that no dependencies aside from those that are needed will be introduced. You will not be forced to take a dependency to a SQL implementation unless that is your chosen method of storage.

Q: Didn’t find what you were looking for?

A: Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.